Driver Awareness Workshops

These workshops are designed to promote a driver safety culture in organisations. They compliment practical driver training programs such as Defensive Driving Levels 1 and 2 and align with in-house Work Place Health and Safety management systems and staff training.

All modules are conducted over a half day (3-4 hours duration) and use lectures/discussions and small group exercises, questionnaires and group activities to analyse real driving situations.


  • The BAAMS® elements and their relationship to crashes
  • Crash causality
  • The role of the driver in crashes
  • Defensive and protective driving systems
  • Fleet safety and policy and OHS issues - the vehicle as a workplace
  • EcoDriving - driving green - environment
  • Road law
  • Reversing and slow speed manoeuvring - includes legal responsibilities
  • Risk factors - risk taking behaviour, inappropriate speed, aggression, alcohol, fatigue, country driving
  • Speed vs stopping distances and reaction time
  • Hazard perception
  • Ergonomics - correct seating, steering and vision
  • Vehicle technology and safety developments - ABS, correct use of the transmission (auto and manual), traction control, air bags
  • A practical demonstration of reversing, slow speed manoeuvring and correct braking techniques can be included if a suitable area is available.

Pre and post session activities can be incorporated, such as peer assessments of on-road driving.

The program can be conducted at client's premises or at Murcotts facilities.

Workshops can be adapted to suit client's specific requirements.

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