Murcotts Supports Neighbourhood Watch

What do Murcotts Driving Excellence and Neighbourhood Watch have in common?

Both organisations recognise the value of RISK PREVENTION for safe communities.

It follows that people who adopt Neighbourhood Watch safety and security principles would want to extend them to safety on our roads.

Prevention of crime is a proactive strategy and so is the prevention of road crashes and trauma.  It involves the same thinking and decision making. Doing things that avoids crime or crashes is a smart investment compared to the costly and emotionally draining demands of picking up the pieces after the event.

Both Murcotts and NHW have a common purpose - to educate people about managing risk. Not just talking about it but actually changing our thinking and decisions that can lead to new and safer behaviours in the home, on the roads and across our communities. 

Every crime or crash that we can help prevent adds incredible value to our society. It's a total reversal from potential loss to enormous gain.

Two of our immediate challenges are protecting the aged and frail members of our communities and providing a more positive outlook for our younger generation.

Ironically these two groups are often in conflict as the elderly become victims of crime committed by frustrated youth who see no real hope of getting ahead without resorting to crime and antisocial behaviour.

Murcotts has had success working with both groups providing refresher training for older drivers to keep them safe on the roads and designing targeted programs for young drivers who need to demonstrate to future employers that they have taken their driver safety responsibilities seriously by learning about defensive driving.

To this end Murcotts is offering NHW members and their families a discount of $100 off the normal one day defensive driving course to encourage everyone to think smarter, stay out of trouble and get home safely.

Murcotts is a supporter of Neighbourhood Watch and sponsors the NHW annual Awards event.