Safe Driving Tips

For many years, Murcotts has broadcast a range of road safety messages as an added benefit to our corporate and public clients to help reinforce the key learning points of our defensive driver training programs.

The timing of these road safety messages prior to our peak danger periods, Christmas and Easter holidays, is aimed at reminding drivers of simple yet effective advice that can help them, their families and staff, avoid the increased dangers on the roads at these times due to increased road traffic, distractions such as drowsiness and fatigue, loaded vehicles, towing caravans and trailers, alcohol and drugs and unfamiliar roads and changing conditions.

As a corporate or public client of Murcotts practical or online driver training, you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter and receive our road safety messages, tips and advice. If you are not an existing client, you are welcome to view our road safety messages here or subscribe to our mailing list by calling 1300 555 576 or email

Look Up, Stay Back® and stay safe!