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Murcotts Driving Excellence is a National road safety, risk management organisation specialising in advanced driver training courses that deliver crash free driving.

Our Driver Risk Management System ranges from basic Defensive Driving Courses to a suite of Corporate Driver Training and Fleet Management Solutions.

Murcotts Defensive Driver Training courses challenge driver attitudes to ensure drivers can apply safe driving behaviours thus reducing corporate fleet crash rates.

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600 crashes a year costing an average of $2,500 a time", said a fleet executive with the giant Orica chemicals and explosives group.

We have got that down to 380 crashes costing an average of $1,100.

That's a reduction from $1.5 million to just over $400,000 a year.

Chris O’Flaherty Occupational Health and Safety and Risk Management Officer - Loddon Shire Council

After almost 15 years in law enforcement (undergoing various driving courses), it was fantastic to revisit the key points as a refresher which certainly needs to occur on a more regular basis as bad habits continue to develop with all drivers.

It was great to highlight the key areas and put things into perspective.

Laurie Camilleri Acting Technical Instructor, Driver Training - Ausgrid

I highly recommend the Training, as it will do nothing but improve employees driving skills, reduce insurance claims and more importantly reduce lost time injury rate and lives. It also has the added benefit that employees can share this knowledge with family and friends and help to make our roads safer.

Recent Participants

Nothing but the highest praise. Noted your enthusiasm, meet and greet, patience and loved the message. I had been trained by DECA 25 years ago and thought I knew it all – but found out I was a tailgater – now bore everyone with 2 second gap. Well done."

“Enjoyed the day immensely and I’m sure will pass on the important lessons learnt. Thanks for the professional way in which the training was delivered – it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company.”

“After driving for over 30 years I assumed that there was not much to learn from a course such as this. I was proven quite wrong by the end of the day. An old dog can learn new tricks! Please thank the Trainers involved, I am sure the influence of the lessons learnt will stay with me for good.”

“I did enjoy the course and I see great value in the messages that were delivered and the practical skills that were covered. The day was interesting and a good balance of theory and practical. The trainer who presented the theory component pitched at an appropriate level. He was able to deliver a serious message but without a doom and gloom approach. Both trainers were very supportive in the practical exercises. At the beginning of the first practical I felt very much out of my comfort zone. I used my own car which is manual and does not have ABS brakes, but once we got going I felt good about participating. They were very clear with their instructions, maintained a very positive approach and provided honest and direct feedback. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

Drew Reiser

I last attended a similar course some 18 years ago when I gained my P plates in high school and today's course showed me just how complacent one can become over time. It's a real eye opener to see just how fast 60 k/ph really is on the road, and whilst reassuring to experience the benefits of such things as ABS braking, I came away with a very real understanding of how and why you never really want to use these features by being proactive in how one approaches the responsibility of driving.

Definitely an education that should be compulsory for ALL drivers, with mandatory refreshers thereon at regular intervals. I will be booking my partner in to your next available session.

Stay safe on the roads!

Kind Regards