Murcotts Driving Excellence, a wholly Australian owned and operated business, was established in 1969 by the late Jim Murcott, motoring journalist. Jim passionately believed that the excessive road trauma of the day could be reduced if drivers were given the right guidance through driver training and driver education programs beyond the limitations of the driver licensing system.

In the years since, Murcotts has become Australia's leading driver training and education company delivering quality researched based programs in all Australian states and internationally.

Murcotts continually reviews its approach to road safety and driver behaviour modification, reflecting the latest research and best practice, to ensure that programs offered to the general public and corporate organisations are effective in helping drivers apply safe driving behaviours.

The incorporation of the BAAMS® Driver Profile, a driver insight assessment tool, in Murcotts' programs addresses the limitations of attitude change strategies in traditional road safety programs by incorporating the human elements of motivation, awareness (insight) and skill, these being more important to improving driver safety behaviour.

Murcotts' first fuel efficiency programs were developed more than 15 years ago.  Today EcoDriving is incorporated in our driver training courses reflecting the relationship between safe, crash free driving and environmentally friendly vehicle use.

A major component of Murcotts' business is Fleet and Driver Risk Management services designed to assist employers to effectively manage their drivers and to reduce vehicle crashes. Driving associated with work is responsible for nearly half of Australia's vehicle related road fatalities.

Murcotts Fleet and Driver Risk Management services are delivered to some of Australia’s largest safety conscious employers as well as government departments and public utilities.

Important initiatives include the development of a Total Driver Risk Management System particularly targeting workplace driver safety. Crash investigation training courses and consulting services are also an important component of the system.

Murcotts' most recent initiative is a young driver education program that provides more comprehensive pre-licensing education aimed at reducing the shocking death and injury record of newly licensed drivers. The key to this program is the support and guidance provided to supervisors of learner drivers (mostly parents) to ensure maximum exposure of learner drivers to varied driving situations, risks and hazads, before going solo.

Murcotts is Quality Assured and offers Nationally Accredited Training.

Murcotts' programs are regularly conducted in Australian capital cities and regional centres. International programs have been conducted in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand and the Philippines.

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