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Feedback from individuals, organisations and published articles indicates dramatic reductions in damage incidents (often referred to as "accidents") after drivier training. In some cases organisations have reported up to 80 percent reduction in crashes. The following are just some examples of the achievements realised:


"Your course is right on the mark in terms of driver awareness and training."

J A Nasser Former President, Ford Motor Company

Driver-at-fault crash rates reduced from 70% to 29% vehicle damage (average per incident) down from $1,750 to $330

Dunlop Flooring Dunlop Pacific

"This has been the most cost-effective road safety program we've seen", says Rob Cook of the Brotherhood of St Laurence. The Brotherhood used Jim Murcott's Advanced Driving Centre and says it was surprised by the drop in its fleet costs. 'At fault' damage incidents have reduced from an average of 14.5 to 4.0 and total vehicle insurance was reduced from an average of $40,446 to $30,225.

Rob Cook Brotherhood of St Laurence

"Our fleet of 30 vehicles was averaging two major accidents a year and two or three minor ones. Insurance rates were skyrocketing.

"Over the next five years (after the course) the fleet did not have one serious accident and the rate of minor accidents reduced to less than one per year average.

"Our insurance premiums ... dropped substantially recovering the cost of the training in the first full year. The real saving was the lack of business disruption and anguish caused by the accidents."

Robert Morgan MD Aerospace Materials

"600 crashes a year costing an average of $2,500 a time", said a fleet executive with the giant Orica chemicals and explosives group.

"We have got that down to 380 crashes costing an average of $1,100."

That's a reduction from $1.5 million to just over $400,000 a year.

Orica Australia

Seven months prior to course: 17 claims/$20,000 damage. Twelve months after course: 2 claims/$1,950 damage. Insurance premium down from $450 per vehicle to $322 (saving $21,367 pa)

Spastic Society of Victoria

Distinctive Options is a not for profit community based service for adults with a range of disabilities. We operate a fleet of 12 seater buses and regular sedans which are used to transport clients from a range of activities and appointments. The Board of Management recently agreed to fund a Driver Training Program for all staff given the high risk nature of driving at the best of times and the value of the vehicles involved to the service and to the clients who rely on them.

Some 40 staff attended a Murcotts Level 1 Program and the day’s activities were tailored to our specific requirements and involved workshop/group discussions as well as practical driving exercises. The company has since committed to have all staff attend refresher courses of this nature every couple of years as its benefits were obvious to all attended.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Murcotts and the type of training to any service which is committed to promoting Occupational Health & Safety and ensuring their staff are as safe as possible not only at work but away from work as well. A great day!

Richard Dunn Distinctive Options


"My generation believe they are indestructible and in order to prove this myth wrong, it is necessary to gain practical experience and knowledge through the valuable education that the defensive driving course provides".

Amanda Roberts Wheelers Hill

"The effect of the course on my driving has made me more aware of my car's speed. I've learnt just how fast 60 km/h really is. I now drive more carefully and protectively".

Amber Agius Templestowe

"Why do we teach our children to pass a driving test. It's time to teach them how to drive!".

J Krousoratis Donvale

"I can't believe the difference this course has made to my attitude on the road and towards other drivers. Thank you".

J Merritt Wantirna South

"This course bought home to me how fast 60 km/h is".

K Inchley Bayswater

"I found that this course was more effective than the TAC adverts on radio & television and you learn how to avoid many situations".

Tinicka Lea Bussam Greensborough

"This course has made me much more aware on the roads. I am glad my mum advised me to do it because I would not have done it in the first place. All P-platers should be made to do it".

Edwina Galbally Glen Iris

"Ever since this course, I have reduced my average travelling speed. Highly valuable".

Carlyn Youngman Clayton