Driver Management Seminars

Murcotts offer highly dynamic seminars to address issues associated with managing drivers in the workplace.

These are usually run over a three hour period and cover issues such as:

  • Employers Work Place Health and Safety Duty Of Care - What Exactly Are your Responsibilities?
  • Policies & Procedures for Managing Drivers and the 3 Critical Elements You Must Not Overlook.
  • Linking Driving Policy with other employee systems and why an integrated approach is critical.
  • Practical Strategies including Driver Induction, Driver Risk Assessments, Balancing Work/Driving Demands and How To Avoid Fatigue.
  • Driver Development - Research Based Education and Training. This will be a 'hands-on' session where each and every attendee will experience the training first hand.
  • Dealing With Risk Taking and Over Confidence - How to enhance driver awareness and hazard perception.
  • How To Reduce the 2 Most Common Fleet Crashes - Nose To Tail and Reversing.

These seminars present a unique opportunity for managers to have their important and most asked questions answered about managing drivers in the workplace, training and Work Place Health and Safety responsibilities.