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Murcotts White Paper Library is a resource guide for fleet managers to help manage risks associated with driving and drivers in the workplace.

It’s driver learning not driver training- why have we crashed the debate?Geoff Thomas, Program Development Consultant, Jim Murcott Driving Centre Pty Ltd (JMDC)

Workplace health and safety laws recognise the weakness of threatening workers who are at risk and blaming and punishing them if they are involved in accidents. Instead, these laws require workers including drivers to be trained to address the risks. By contrast, road safety authorities even blame motorists who don't have crashes and the community has become cynical about their motives. This is hardly an environment that encourages drivers to learn better safety strategies and it fails to recognise the important research about the learning needs of drivers in relation to risk management...

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Driver management – a crucial element of safety cultureGeoff Thomas, Director, Research and Development, Murcotts Driving Excellence Pty Ltd

The notion of Driver Management, as a strategy in addition to Fleet Management, sits comfortably with OH&S principles in that it recognises the function of driving as an issue to be managed in order to ensure the health and safety of the employees who drive vehicles in the course of their employment in addition to vehicle management considerations...

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