The Murcotts Defensive Driving Approach

The key to Murcotts' approach is to help drivers avoid crashing.

Defensive Driver Training 1

The program is an effective introduction to the concept of defensive driving and incorporates experiential learning through practical in-car exercises as well as providing an abundance of underpinning knowledge about vehicle safety and safer driving strategies.

Defensive Driver Training 2

The program incorporates refresher and upgrade content to Defensive Driver Training Level 1 and develops a deeper understanding of the defensive driving theory and skills with greater emphasis on practical exercises.

Online Driver Training

Murcotts recognises the importance of a blended driver training approach that facilitates adult learning.

Young Drivers

Murcotts Driving Excellence has been helping young drivers to think smarter, stay out of trouble and get home safeLy since 1971.

Driver Assessment & Coaching

Personal driver training of this type is ideal for drivers with special needs such as the disabled, drivers who have lost confidence following a road trauma experience, older drivers who wish to maintain their licence currency and for drivers with identified risk behaviours associated with their driving such as those referred by courts.

4WD - Introduction To Safe 4WD Operation

This program focuses on the safe operation of off-road vehicles in a range of conditions with the emphasis on risk management.

Reversing, Parking And Slow Speed Manoeuvering

Reversing and parking incidents are the most common crash type experienced by drivers.

Trailer Towing

Modern vehicles and towing hitches can easily lead drivers into a false sense of security when it comes to towing a trailer or caravan.

Commuter Bus Driving

Transporting school children or large groups of adults is a huge responsibility and the aim of this program is to impart information and skills crucial to the occasional bus driver's safe operation.