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Defensive Driver Training Program Level 1

Incorporating Eco Driving

Course Content and Structure

The program is an effective introduction to the concept of defensive driving and incorporates experiential learning through practical in-car exercises as well as providing an abundance of underpinning knowledge about vehicle safety and safer driving strategies.

It is designed for drivers of all levels of experience and incorporates the BAAMS® Driver Profile to ensure that drivers have a chance to examine their own driver safety profile. The BAAMS® Driver Profile recognises that safe driving is dependent on each driver's:

The mix of practical and theoretical sessions deliver actual on-road safety skills that underpin proactive driving.

Learning objectives

  • The principles of Defensive Driving - how to minimise risks and improve driver's safety margin
  • Hazard Detection - the technique and skill of reading ahead and identifying hazards
  • Understanding the limitations of relying on emergency control skills
  • LOOK UP. STAY BACK® - the two behaviours that will halve your crash risk
  • Vehicle safety - checklist, driving position, tyres and pressures
  • Practical Activities - understanding the relationship between reaction time, speed and stopping distances
  • Vehicle dynamics - understanding what causes skids and vehicle instability
  • Key road laws - how much can you rely on road laws to keep you safe - practical interpretation
  • All practical training conducted at suburban speeds.

Murcotts Defensive Driving Handbook and Workbook:

Each participant receives Murcotts 17 page full colour Defensive Driving Program Workbook which is designed to enhance your learning during the program by helping you to develop the thinking and decision making process that underpins Defensive and EcoDriving behaviour.

At the conclusion of the program, participants also receive a Murcotts 29 page full colour Defensive Driving Handbook containing a summary of our Level 1 program and additional information to assist you in being a safer driver.

Certificate Of Completion:

A certificate of completion is issued to participants at the conclusion of the program.


Full Day Program commences at 8:30am and concludes at 4:15pm

Course consists of both theory and practical sessions.

Course Pre-Requisites:

Participants must hold a current valid licence (Probationary or higher) - Learner Drivers and or Spectators are not permitted.

Drivers must sign an indemnity prior to participating in the practical component.


Participants must provide their own vehicle for the practical activities - preferably a vehicle you are familiar with.

Vehicle must be registered and road worthy.

Two drivers may share the same vehicle - normal fees apply to each driver.


$299 AUD per Participant

Course Dates, Venue Locations and Bookings:

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New Zealand Dates and Bookings - Please contact us on 1300 555 576

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What Next?:

After completing this program drivers are eligible to attend the Defensive Driving Program Level 2.