Online Driver Training (eDrive™)

At Murcotts, the safety of your employees is our top priority.

Our online program, eDrive™, is a behaviour-based learning tool that serves as a great introduction or refresher to Murcotts Defensive Driving Programs.

eDrive™ can be completed in just 40 minutes. This program can be completed at home or in the office, and assists your organisation in meeting its primary legal obligations under Workplace Health and Safety legislation relating to driving for work.

For those who are not required to drive as part of their workplace duties, eDrive™ provides an opportunity for employers to offer additional support to their employees and families.

The topics covered in eDrive™ include Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, low-risk and defensive driving techniques, crash avoidance strategies, alcohol/drugs and driving fatigue & drowsiness, and key road laws.

Our current range of questions and responses in eDrive™ has been carefully selected to address the key issues pertaining to safety within your company fleet.

There are now four (4) eDrive™ options.

Option One – Murcotts eDrive™

Murcotts eDrive™ will satisfy most organisations. However, if staff are working from home, their computer must meet the minimum system requirements to run the program as it contains some video content.

The cost for single access is $78.00 plus GST per member.

To undertake Murcotts eDrive™ is very simple.

General public, please send the following information to

  • Subject Line – General eDrive enrolment
  • Full name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number.

Organisations wishing for your staff to complete Murcotts eDrive™, please send the following to

  • Subject Line - General eDrive enrolments
  • Bulk upload form Bulk Upload Template Link (please note any writing in red can not be amended and will be auto-filled)

Option Two – Branding eDrive™

Branding eDrive™ is the perfect solution for companies looking to personalise Murcotts eDrive™ with their own branding. This customisation includes logos, banners, fonts, and colours that reflect your organisation's unique identity.

Our Branding eDrive™ package starts at just $8,500 plus GST and includes a host of features:

  • 100 members (additional members can be purchased in blocks of 50)
  • Hosted on Murcotts LMS System
  • Managed by Murcotts
  • Team access for one administration officer
  • Custom branding, including logos, icons, and colours
  • Content updates when applicable

For more information about Branding eDrive™, please contact the Murcotts Business Development Team at 1300 555 576 or with the subject line "Branding eDrive enquiry".

Option Three – Full Branded eDrive™

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation - the Fully Branded eDrive™. This solution is designed to seamlessly integrate your company's unique look and feel into eDrive™, making it the ultimate choice for businesses looking to enhance their brand image.

With the Fully Branded eDrive™, you will have complete control over your portal (excluding content), allowing you to customise it to align perfectly with your brand's image.

This means you can now showcase your brand's logo and colour scheme throughout the platform, creating a cohesive and consistent brand experience for your employees.

Our Fully Branded eDrive™ package starts at $9,500 plus GST, which includes:

  • 100 members (users) with the option to purchase additional members in blocks of 50.
  • Hosted on Murcotts LMS System.
  • Branded content such as CEO videos, pictures, logos, colours, and fonts (if possible).
  • Branded portal with customised colours and logo.
  • Custom email templates.
  • Full portal control (excluding content).
  • Administration training and user manual.
  • Content updates when applicable.

 For further information, please contact Murcotts Business Development Team at 1300 555 576 or email us at with the subject line - "Fully Branded eDrive enquiry"

Option Four – Self-Hosted eDrive™

Self-hosted eDrive™ offers completely personalised content that can be conveniently exported as a SCORM file, allowing your organisation to upload it to your in-house LMS system effortlessly. While Logos, banners, pictures, and videos from your organisation remain your property, all other content is exclusively owned by Murcotts.

The pricing for our Self-Hosted eDrive™ starts at $12,500 plus GST.

This includes:

  • Includes 200 members (users) (additional Members can be purchased in blocks of 50).
  • Hosted and Managed on your own LMS system.
  • Branded Content (CEO Video. Pictures, Logo, Colours, Fonts (if possible)).
  • Exported as a web or SCORM file
  • Timeline – within four (4) weeks

Six (6)-monthly reporting is required on the registration number by the Client.

Copywrite Disclaimer will appear on all pages throughout each subject.

  • © 26 May 2023, All eDrive™, materials, content, and intellectual property, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, logos, audio, video, and SCORM files, made available by Murcotts Advanced Driving Pty Ltd in its personal capacity and ATF Murcotts Advanced Driving Unit Trust via website, publications, or other platforms, are protected by copyright laws and owned by the Owner unless otherwise stated.

For further information, please contact Murcotts Business Development Team at 1300 555 576 or email us at with the subject line "Self-hosted eDrive enquiry".


Customisation can take up to 5 weeks from sign-off and delivery of the Licence Agreement and Customisation form.


To schedule a personalised demo for your organisation, kindly contact Murcotts Business Development Team at 1300 555 576 or via email at Please note that we require at least five (5) days' notice for all demo requests. We look forward to showcasing our services to you!