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Fleet Driver Safety Inroduction

The following videos contain driver safety stratergies which are ideal for small group safety discussion sessions.

The content will also reiterate and sustain the learning outcomes for those who have attended a Murcotts Defensive Driver Training program.

Legal Responsibilities for Managing Driver Risk

The primary responsibility for driver safety at work rests with the employer. Managing risks associated with drivers and vehicles requires the same systems that are established for other health and safety issues.

Crash Avoidance

Most crashes at work are avoidable. Drivers who "Look Up andStay Back" can halve their crash risk by maintaining a minimum two to three second gap and using their vision to scan for hazards ahead.

Drowsiness & Fatigue

"Drowsy drivers die". The risk is as serious as drink driving. A micro sleep can kill you and other drivers.

Safe Reversing

If you can't see don't reverse! It's not just a damaged bumper - reversing crashes kill around 50 Australians every year. These crashes are easy to avoid.

Vehicle Safety Features

Modern vehicles have incredible safety innovations but you need to understand them to get the safety benefit.

Skid Prevention

Crashes are often preceded by skidding. Knowing what causes skids helps you to avoid them.

Road Rules

Most drivers are confused about road rules even the most common ones. Deciding who was wrong after crashing can be deadly.