Driver Induction

In the early months of a driver's employment there is a greater likelihood of a collision.

Considering new employees are learning about the organisation, its policies, products, services and customers and may be unfamiliar with the territory and traffic as well as driving a new vehicle, risk levels will be higher.

Add to this their motivation to perform well and add value to their new employer, factors which could lead them to take on more than is reasonable or rush to meet deadlines. The subsequent pressure may be a significant risk factor.

Managers need to be aware of this and coach the new employee accordingly.

Include driver safety in induction.

Driver safety training should be provided as soon as possible to new employees before they are assigned a vehicle and as part of normal induction.

When driver safety is provided in the same context as other organisational information and policy introduction, it elevates the subject to the same level of importance as the other components and sends a message that the organisation views driver safety seriously.

Murcotts have a Driver Induction kit and checklist that will help employers manage their drivers.

Online eDrive induction Program

Murcotts can supply an online eDrive induction program that will assist employers to meet their safety management obligation when new drivers are employed.