4WD - Introduction To Safe 4WD Operation

N.B. This course is available for Corporate clients but private groups of 6 drivers can be arranged.  Individual bookings are unavailable. 

This program focuses on the safe operation of off-road vehicles in a range of conditions with the emphasis on risk management.

It is an essential course for anyone who owns and operates a 4WD or SUV even if most of their driving is on sealed roads.

The course covers a comprehensive but easy to understand look at the workings of a four-wheel / all-wheel drive vehicle.

The practical driving targets the nationally accredited competencies in both on and off-road conditions.

Practical sessions include:

  • Negotiating steep slopes and rugged terrain - ascending and descending
  • Emergency procedures - stall/stop and restart on slope
  • Introduction to recovery equipment
  • Correct use of the four-wheel drive transmission
  • Limitations and risks of 4WD/AWD vehicles
  • Analysing terrain, surfaces and hazards
  • Environment and vehicle sympathy

Murcotts recommend attendance at Defensive Driving Program Level 1 prior to undertaking this program.
Participants must be licensed and supply a registered and roadworthy vehicle.  Modified vehicles must be compliant with the ADR.

Program commences at 8.30am and concludes at 4.00pm

For bookings, please Contact Us