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An important safety innovations for motor vehicles is the antilock braking system - usually referred to as ABS.

With ABS you can brake as hard as you like and the car will never skid. The pedal might shudder, but that's just the computer doing its work.

The second big advantage is that the steering continues to work perfectly, unlike heavy braking in a car without ABS but here is a warning: the ABS system won't necessarily stop the car shorter, so the driver has no excuse to sit closer.

ABS, like other safety inventions such as the seat belt, can change the way a driver thinks about safety. Some drivers may be lulled into a false sense of security through their optimism that safety innovations will save them from their driving errors.

Any emergency braking situation probably indicates the driver is not reading the road ahead and not leaving a gap of at least two seconds. This problem is made worse in special conditions such as towing, driving on gravel or dusty roads or wet conditions or when the driver is drowsy or fatigued.